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Some governments, like Estonia, have implemented blockchain technology for secure digital voting systems.
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The BLING project developed 24 pilots, proof of concepts, and use cases that show how blockchain-enabled solutions will change how local and regional governments deliver local services and how they work with citizens. This website serves as a digital catalog of the project’s results and contains valuable insights that can help other public organization on their way to implement blockchain. Want to work with blockchain in government? Get started here:  

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A random selection of our project results

The Financial Emergency Brake

Central Judical Collection Agency

It is estimated that nearly 1.4 million Dutch households have debt problems or face the risk of getting into debt. When collecting financial penalties, the social causes of debt must not be overlooked. This is why the CJIB has developed the notion of the Financial Emergency Brake.

BLING Blockchain use-case: The red button – an emergency brake for people in financial distress

Central Judical Collection Agency

The ‘Red Button’ (aka ‘Financial Emergency Brake’) project allows citizens to tell the Dutch Government and debt agencies that they are unable to pay their debts. The privacy-centric system links this declaration with certification from local services that they are providing debt support.

EnergyKnip 2 – delivering more energy efficient appliances and home upgrades for households in Emmen

Municipality of Emmen

EnergyKnip 2.0 builds on the earlier EnergieKnip service with a new energy support offering that provides more energy efficient appliances to households living in energy poverty. Energy Coaches work with qualifying households to fund home energy-efficiency improvements.