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The EU has started a project called “Blockchain for Europe” to ensure that the EU can benefit from the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.
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The BLING project developed 24 pilots, proof of concepts, and use cases that show how blockchain-enabled solutions will change how local and regional governments deliver local services and how they work with citizens. This website serves as a digital catalog of the project’s results and contains valuable insights that can help other public organization on their way to implement blockchain. Want to work with blockchain in government? Get started here:  

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A random selection of our project results

Making meetings manageable – the Self Sovereign Attendancy Pilot

Province of Drenthe

How BlockchainLab Drenthe built an application that used Self-sovereign identity (SSI) to make paper meeting attendance sheets obsolete and to deliver a privacy -first GDPR-compliant solution to reporting meeting attendance.

Why Blockchain?


The adoption of blockchain-enabled services is a key part of a wider transition to the next generation of innovative government services. Learn how this once in a generational shift requires more than technological change – it requires policy, legal, and capacity development at all levels.

The Blockchain Technology’s Applicability

The County Administrative Board of Skåne

The Blockchain technology is still in the progress of reaching its plateau of productivity, and hasn’t been made understandable for the majority of the public, due to its relatively high demand of technical knowledge and flair.