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The Russian government is working on a blockchain-based system for voting, which it hopes will increase transparency and reduce the potential for fraud.
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The BLING project developed 24 pilots, proof of concepts, and use cases that show how blockchain-enabled solutions will change how local and regional governments deliver local services and how they work with citizens. This website serves as a digital catalog of the project’s results and contains valuable insights that can help other public organization on their way to implement blockchain. Want to work with blockchain in government? Get started here:  

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A random selection of our project results

How BLING supercharged BlockchainLab Drenthe

Province of Drenthe

How BLING helped BlockchainLab Drenthe go from 3 entrepreneurs around a kitchen table to an internationally recognized organization that has delivered the biggest public service government blockchain project in the Netherlands.

Energielening – Ghent’s Energy Loan pilot– using blockchain to make energy grants more accessible

City of Gent

The City of Ghent workec with Howest to deliver a proof of concept for a blockchain-enabled solution that makes applying for energy support easier, quicker, and more efficient by using digital wallets and self-soverign identity (SSI) approaches to make information sharing faster and more efficient.

Diplomas and Credentials – Building a European Blockchain Use-Case


Hennie Bulstra from the European Blockchain Partnership explains how blockchain requires new ways of thinking about delivering services, and new forms of governance and collaboration. He introduces the ‘career wallet’ that brings together a user’s education credentials in one place.