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In 2018, the government of West Virginia piloted a blockchain-based mobile voting platform for troops overseas in the 2018 primary elections.
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The BLING project developed 24 pilots, proof of concepts, and use cases that show how blockchain-enabled solutions will change how local and regional governments deliver local services and how they work with citizens. This website serves as a digital catalog of the project’s results and contains valuable insights that can help other public organization on their way to implement blockchain. Want to work with blockchain in government? Get started here:  

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A random selection of our project results

Can Democracy become Digital? Using blockchain to support democracy in Sweden

The County Administrative Board of Skåne

The County Administrative Board of Skåne in southern Sweden believes that blockchain-solutions – referendums, e-petitions, elections, etc. could widen or enhance citizen participation. This is the story of their search for tools and solutions to make this happen.

Bringing design, blockchain, and computer science together


Dave Murray Rust from TU Delft looks at the challenges of linking blockchain systems with the ‘messy and interesting’ real world, and how smart contracts built on blockchains can enable new types of location-based services.

Risk and success factors for Blockchain projects

Gothenburg University

It is a mistake to think about blockchain as ‘just’ a ‘technical’ solution. The successful adoption of blockchain-enabled solutions entails overcoming new types of organisational and legal risks and challenges. Here are 7 key success and risk factors to watch out for.