Blockchain on the Move – Giving you control of your own digital identity

Blockchain on the Move is a Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) proof of concept between the City of Antwerp, VICTOR, and Information Flanders that aimed to develop tools and approaches to give citizens control over their own data, and to link this with Antwerp’s A-card to give better access to services.

Using blockchain to remotely monitor patient health

Oldenburg University’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) proof of concept explores how blockchain can be used to solve the privacy problems that are endemic to the sharing of remotely collected patient data. This is a privacy-first solution for collecting and sharing patient data so it can be reviewed by health workers.

Enabling new approaches to community governance with blockchain- Skåne

R:ekobyn (R = Röstånga, eko=eco, by=village) is a sustainable community in Röstånga in the County of Skåne in southern Sweden. Skåne is looking for new governance models to help deliver the R:ekobyn community’s vision, and is exploring the feasibility of a blockchain-enabled solution.

Developing and implementing blockchain technologies for governments

David Magard - Developing and implementing blockchain technologies

David Magård works on the digitisation of the public sector for the Swedish Ministry of Infrastructure. He talks about developing and implementing blockchain technologies for governments – particularly on the importance of governance and on the difficulties in successfully adopting this technology.

Data security and blockchain solutions – lessons from Estonia

Henry Rõigas talks about how Estonia developed the world’s first government blockchain service, and lessons learned about how and when to choose blockchain-enabled solutions, and the need to ensure you have access to people with real world blockchain experience.

The Financial Emergency Brake

It is estimated that nearly 1.4 million Dutch households have debt problems or face the risk of getting into debt. When collecting financial penalties, the social causes of debt must not be overlooked. This is why the CJIB has developed the notion of the Financial Emergency Brake.