Howest hosts the world’s first Decentralised Autonomous Hackathon

In April 2022 HOWEST and BLING organized a hackathon to tackle the over-use of water by developing blockchain-enabled solutions to improve water management. This first-of-its-kind ‘decentralised autonomous hackathon’ was organised via (autonomous) smart contracts on a (decentralised) blockchain.

Why Blockchain?

The adoption of blockchain-enabled services is a key part of a wider transition to the next generation of innovative government services. Learn how this once in a generational shift requires more than technological change – it requires policy, legal, and capacity development at all levels.

The BLINGathon International Blockchain Hackathon

BLING’s BLINGathon hackathon was held on the 13 & 14 November 2021. This was the biggest BLING hackathon, with 34 teams and over 140 participants from 12 countries picking their brains for the 30 hour-long event to come up with the best solutions for 4 challenges set by the BLING partnership.

Blockchain in Maritime Port Management – defining a Conceptual Framework

Aalborg’s study provides a framework for understanding the use of blockchain applications within maritime port environments, an under-studied part of blockchain implementation in the wider supply chain field. They looked at document workflow management, financial processes, and device connectivity.