Blockchain in Scotland – in Transport, and in Government

SEStran (South-East Scotland Transport Partnership) undertook a review of the blockchain environment in Scotland/the UK, with a particular focus on blockchain in transport and in the public sector (especially local government). Stakeholders identified issues affecting techological adoption/change.

10 Blockchain myths

The early hype around blockchains – including buzzwords and overblown expectations – played a central role in the early innovation activities which legitimized blockchain. Here Juho Lindman from the University of Gothenburg identifies 10 key myths about blockchain that aren’t true.

Risk and success factors for Blockchain projects

It is a mistake to think about blockchain as ‘just’ a ‘technical’ solution. The successful adoption of blockchain-enabled solutions entails overcoming new types of organisational and legal risks and challenges. Here are 7 key success and risk factors to watch out for.

Turning Buzzwords into Public Services

Public sector organizations lack ways to understand and experiment with technology that is not yet fully mature and which is surrounded by high levels of expectations and hype – like blockchain. Interpretation, legitimation, and mobilization are themes that help understand how technology is adopted.

Introducing BRAT – the Blockchain Readiness Assessment Tool

BRAT generates a maturity score for the organization, which can be compared to that of other organizations as a benchmark. An organisation can also repeat BRAT, and compare results to their earlier scores to see how their capacity is developing over time.