How BLING supercharged BlockchainLab Drenthe

How BLING helped BlockchainLab Drenthe go from 3 entrepreneurs around a kitchen table to an internationally recognized organization that has delivered the biggest public service government blockchain project in the Netherlands.

Howest hosts the world’s first Decentralised Autonomous Hackathon

In April 2022 HOWEST and BLING organized a hackathon to tackle the over-use of water by developing blockchain-enabled solutions to improve water management. This first-of-its-kind ‘decentralised autonomous hackathon’ was organised via (autonomous) smart contracts on a (decentralised) blockchain.

The BLINGathon International Blockchain Hackathon

BLING’s BLINGathon hackathon was held on the 13 & 14 November 2021. This was the biggest BLING hackathon, with 34 teams and over 140 participants from 12 countries picking their brains for the 30 hour-long event to come up with the best solutions for 4 challenges set by the BLING partnership.

Using blockchain to remotely monitor patient health

Oldenburg University’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) proof of concept explores how blockchain can be used to solve the privacy problems that are endemic to the sharing of remotely collected patient data. This is a privacy-first solution for collecting and sharing patient data so it can be reviewed by health workers.

Blockchain in Maritime Port Management – defining a Conceptual Framework

Aalborg’s study provides a framework for understanding the use of blockchain applications within maritime port environments, an under-studied part of blockchain implementation in the wider supply chain field. They looked at document workflow management, financial processes, and device connectivity.