Introducing the European Blockchain Partnership

Daniël du Seuil introduces the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP), an EU initiative and explains their work to build the ‘European Blockchain Services Infrastructure’ that can used by organisations across the the EU, and the use of the European self-sovereign identity framework (ESSIF).

Diplomas and Credentials – Building a European Blockchain Use-Case

Hennie Bulstra from the European Blockchain Partnership explains how blockchain requires new ways of thinking about delivering services, and new forms of governance and collaboration. He introduces the ‘career wallet’ that brings together a user’s education credentials in one place.

The Financial Emergency Brake

It is estimated that nearly 1.4 million Dutch households have debt problems or face the risk of getting into debt. When collecting financial penalties, the social causes of debt must not be overlooked. This is why the CJIB has developed the notion of the Financial Emergency Brake.