Moving the Leisure Pass to the blockchain

Roeselare issues a Leisure Pass (Vrijetijdspas) to citizens on limited incomes: this pass provides a range of discounts to citizens. The pass is hard to administer and Roeselare is looking to develop a blockchain-enabled solution that allows for better coordination between delivery partners.

Enabling new approaches to community governance with blockchain- Skåne

R:ekobyn (R = Röstånga, eko=eco, by=village) is a sustainable community in Röstånga in the County of Skåne in southern Sweden. Skåne is looking for new governance models to help deliver the R:ekobyn community’s vision, and is exploring the feasibility of a blockchain-enabled solution.

10 Blockchain myths

The early hype around blockchains – including buzzwords and overblown expectations – played a central role in the early innovation activities which legitimized blockchain. Here Juho Lindman from the University of Gothenburg identifies 10 key myths about blockchain that aren’t true.

Blockchain on the Move – Giving you control of your own digital identity

Blockchain on the Move is a Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) proof of concept between the City of Antwerp, VICTOR, and Information Flanders that aimed to develop tools and approaches to give citizens control over their own data, and to link this with Antwerp’s A-card to give better access to services.