Can democracy become digital?

In the BLING project we at the County Administrative Board take our starting point in a hypothesis that the blockchain can be used to develop the dialogue between the citizen and society. Our conclusion is that the blockchain can definitely be used to develop democracy.

IP-report regarding electronic voting based on blockchain

An answer to the questions 1) If the County Adminstrative Board decides to develop its own model for e-voting, which international IP-rules apply?, 2) Could the County Adminstrative Board potentially protect a model for e-voting that it develops or does this model automatically become public?

The Blockchain Technology’s Applicability

The Blockchain technology is still in the progress of reaching its plateau of productivity, and hasn’t been made understandable for the majority of the public, due to its relatively high demand of technical knowledge and flair.

The EU Legislation and Blockchain

An overview of current EU policy and regulation with regards to blockchain technology, summarising the most oft-discussed challenges related to blockchain technology vis-a-vi EU legislation, and highlighting some of these challenges with case law in EU member states.

The Financial Emergency Brake

It is estimated that nearly 1.4 million Dutch households have debt problems or face the risk of getting into debt. When collecting financial penalties, the social causes of debt must not be overlooked. This is why the CJIB has developed the notion of the Financial Emergency Brake.